Hammocks by CRO

For our signature hammock, the Backwoods Lounger Hammock, we chose to use the 2.2 Hex70XL ripstop fabric, sourced from our friends at Ripstop By The Roll. We feel this is a superior fabric and fits the bill for what we were trying to accomplish. We were looking to build a hammock that was tough as nails, offered a higher weight rating, while still offering a smooth, soft feel.

This fabric is a breathable fabric with a DWR finish. It offers a high abrasion resistance and higher strength than the normal 1.0, 1.1, and 1.9 oz Ripstop. Why does this matter? Well, we wanted to offer a higher weight rating in single layer hammock. This achieves two goals. First, it saves weight over comparable weight rated hammocks, other hammocks available in the market offer a similar weight rating but in a double layer hammock body. This usually adds up to about 3-3.5 oz/yd fabric. We achieve the same weight rating in only 2.2 oz/yd. Second, we feel the thicker fabric offers a flatter lay in the hammock almost eliminating the dreaded calf ridge. We feel we have a great, simple hammock to offer to those looking for a comfortable hammock at that 400 lb weight rating while saving you every ounce we can in the pack. This hammock paired with its included cinch buckle suspension sets up in no time, minimizing your setup time in camp.

I personally use the 12′ version of the Backwoods Lounger and have tested it all over Tennessee. I’ve slept many nights on the trail in this hammock and have welcomed some time relaxing in this hammock after miles on the trail. I have been hard on this hammock and it has never let me down (no pun intended).