Quilts by CRO

Here at Cedar Ridge we offer many custom made products. Leading the way is our handmade, custom Quilts. As with all our products we take pride in the fact that we make everything by hand. What does that mean exactly? We don’t work from a pattern with our Quilts, each one is measured and cut by hand every time.

We don’t use fancy gadgets on our sewing machine to speed production. Every part of our Quilts are made this way. All of our quilt use a box baffle design, with a combination of Vertical and Horizontal baffles to maximize warmth. We offer 2 different quilt options at this time, the LeConte line and the Fontana Line.

LeConte Quilts

The LeConte line of Quilts is our highend and lighter quilt. It features a DWR coated M10 (10D Taffeta) inner and outer shell and 850 Fill, 100% White Goose Down. We do not use treated down as the chemicals they use take away some of the puff of the Down. We use that savings and give you more Down in your quilt. We feel this gives you a better product that will perform when you need it to.

Fontana Quilts

The Fontana line of Quilts still offers the same quality at a cheaper price point. The Fontana Quilts feature DWR coated 1.0 HD (20D) outer shell and a DWR coated M10 inner shell in Black or Grey. The fill used in our Fontana is a 50/50 Blend of 850fp White Goose Down and 800fp Duck Down. We feel this offers our customers one of the best “budget” down fills available on the market. Our Down offers a higher Fill power than any of our competitors economic Down products.

CRO Products

We always strive to bring the best products we can at competitive prices. We offer many customizable options on our quilt such as OutdoorInk printed fabrics, pad straps, and even your choice of Stitching color. All you need to do is tell us. Please email us or call us with your questions.

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