40° LeConte Topquilt


The LeConte Quilts is a ultralight, warm and highly customizable quilt.

Comes standard with a Argon 67 (10D) inner and Argon 90 (15D) outer shell, DownTek 850 FP Goose Down, and a Snap/Drawstring Footbox.

Now offering Dutchware’s Print2Fabric, custom printed material. Choose from over 50 stock prints.

  • Regular Length – 76″
  • Long Length – 82″
  • Shorth Length – 72″
  • Regular Width – 52″
  • Wide Width – 56″

48″ Footbox for a roomier feel.

1 Pad Attachment Strap Included

Made to Order, Lead Times Apply

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LeConte Topquilt

  • Regular Length – 76″ (fits 5’7″-6′)
  • Short Length – 72″ (fits < 5’7″)
  • Long Length – 82″ (fits 6′-6’6″)
  • Regular Width – 52″
  • Wide Width – 56″

Our quilts are measured laid out completely flat with the footbox unbuttoned, drawcords loosened, and pulled tight.

If choosing a Sewn Footbox there is no need in ordering up a size all sizing heights are good no matter the footbox style.

Quilts should go to your chin and snap/cinch around your neck.  You should never pull the quilt over your head as condensation from your breath can adversely effect the performance of the Down fill.  We recommend a balaclava, hat or separate hood to provide insulation for your head.

  • Width refers to the measurement at the very top of the quilt.
  • Length is From the top of the quilt to the bottom with the quilt laid flat.
  • All quilts are cut with a full taper.
  • All Footboxes measure 48″ pulled tight at the bottom edge.
  • Weights vary slightly from Quilt to Quilt depending on fabric choices and footbox style.

    Weight (in ounces)

    Length / Width01020304050
    Reg / Reg22.521.518.316.3415.4512.76
    Reg / Wide23.622.719.9218.101613.5
    Short / Reg21.9617.4514
    Short / Wide22.816.811
    Long / Reg26.822.619.918.216.413.4
    Long / Wide27.823.520.7219.916.914.5

    Weights are in ounces (oz) and temperature rating is in Fahrenheit. All quilts are are rated on a comfort rating, not survival ratings.

    Weights are variable due to the handmade nature of our products. We strive to keep weights as consistent as possible, and current weights are calculated as averages of similar quilts.

    Weight20 oz

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