Fontana Topquilt

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The Fontana Topquilt is high-quality custom quilt that provides the best warmth to weight ratio available on the market. These quilts are comfort rated. We use a blended down fill made from 50% 850 Fill White Goose Down and 50% 800 Fill Duck Down.

The price of this quilt includes:

  • Choice of Argon 90 (15D) Outer Shell Color
  • Grey or Black Argon 67 (10D) Inner shell
  • Snap and Drawstring Footbox Standard
  • Stuff Sack
  • Pad Attachment

Currently unavailable due to the blended down fill being unavailable at this time.  We are working on an alternative option, in the mean time please see our The LeConte Topquilt.

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Fontana Topquilt

  • Regular Length – 76″ (fits 5’7″-6′)
  • Short Length – 72″ (fits < 5’7″)
  • Long Length – 82″ (fits 6′-6’6″)
  • Regular Width – 52″
  • Wide Width – 56″

Our quilts are measured laid out completely flat with the footbox unbuttoned, drawcords loosened, and pulled tight.

  • Width refers to the measurement at the very top of the quilt.
  • Length is From the top of the quilt to the bottom with the quilt laid flat.
  • All quilts are cut with a full taper.
  • All Footboxes measure 48″ pulled tight at the bottom edge.
  • Weights vary slightly from quilt to Quilt due to the handmade custom nature of the product.

Weight (in ounces)

Length / Width 0 10 20 30 40 50
Reg / Reg 24.85 20 16.5 14.17
Reg / Wide 25 14.7
Short / Reg 23
Short / Wide 24.3
Long / Reg 21
Long / Wide 24.6 22.5 18

Weights are in ounces (oz) and temperature rating is in Fahrenheit. All quilts are are rated on a comfort rating, not survival ratings.

Weights are variable due to the handmade nature of our products. We strive to keep weights as consistent as possible, and current weights are calculated as averages of similar quilts.

Weight 20 oz

2 reviews for Fontana Topquilt

  1. bk10311

    I was so happy with the quality, performance and weight of my LeConte 40 quilt, I decided to get a Fontana 20. To mix this one up from my LeConte, I had this with the snap and drawstring foot box so I could utilize it as a blanket. What a quality piece of backpacking gear. Another outstanding job Warren, thank you and keep up the great work.

  2. Chad Denman

    Well once again CedarRidgeOutdoors has completely nailed it and has the perfect colors and the stitching just absolutely pops! The new snap system seems to be unbeatable and I’m sure there new drawstrings will save weight! The overstuff I paid for is unbelievable the amount of loft it has! I can’t wait to use it this winter! Thank you Warren sooo very MUCH! Top notch quality from a GREAT cottage vender! Thank you thank you thank you

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