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These quilts are in stock and will ship within 2 business days.  Some Quilt Seconds may be listed they will be marked as such with a description of what is wrong with the quilt.

  • If you buy a Quilt Second, All Sales are Final and they will sell as is with no warranty and no returns will be accepted, the Price with be discounted to reflect this.
  • Any previously used and returned quilt will be listed as a second.  We very seldom get returns but when we do they are repaired, cleaned and discounted.
  • All other In Stock Quilts are considered First Quality (unless mark otherwise).
  • All First Quality Quilts are brand new and include the CRO 1 year guarantee along with our return and refund policy.
  • We will not alter, customize, overstuff or change any In Stock Quilt.  We work very hard at keeping our lead times down so if you require a custom quilt please order one of our made to order quilts.  We will be glad to build exactly what you what and get it to you before you know it.
In Stock and Ready to Ship

20F LeConte Topquilt, 20F UP Synthetic

We have resumed production at this time. We are working hard to fill orders as fast as possible. Thank you for your continued support and patience during this time.